Christiana Etzle Christiana Etzle

Hello everyone, my name is Christiana and I have been studying dance for the past thirteen years. When I was eleven years old, my mother stumbled upon the American Dance Center which was run by Phyllis Latin.  I and all of her students knew her by the name Madame.  She saw something in me that I was too stubborn to see for myself and was determined to draw it out, therefore she never gave up on me. I remember when she asked my mother if she could teach me the way she was taught when she was a dancer. I am glad my mother said yes and for the next eight years, I was taught very intensively. At the ages of 12, 13 and 14, I had the privilege to perform in the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker at the Palace Theater in Albany. From there, I auditioned for several summer intensive programs and was accepted to Boston ballet and ABT. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend at that time. At the age of 15, I was able to participate in SSDI's summer program in Saratoga Springs N.Y. I was then sponsored for a bonus week with SSDI by a woman in the crowd that was so moved by my passion for dance. That was a life changing moment for me. Within my early dancing days, I have studied with several different teachers and an assortment of styles. Ranging from jazz, tap, and swing, to even Irish step dancing, but always keeping ballet as my foundation. At the age of 16, my dance career began to decrease due to a back injury and so I eventually took some time off. Once my back began to heal, it wasn't long before I was back in a studio doing what I love. Now at the age of 24, as a mother and wife, I am so excited to see where the dancing world will take me next!