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Glens Falls Ballet and Dance Center
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Twinkle Tots: Introductory movement class for children and their parent/guardian. (18 Months –3 years) This class will explore early movement patterns, imagination, and music appreciation. Happy Feet: Dance, Explore, and Create. This is an introductory tap class for children ages 3 & 4. Creative Rhythm & Movement: This exciting environment will allow for students to explore their creativity and imagination through the introduction of movement, improvisation, creative dance, elements of dance, and music appreciation. (Ages 3 and 4) Zoo you Dance and Tap?– Morning Pre School Program* (Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9:30-11:30am): Zoo you Dance and Tap? This Integrated Art and Dance class is a morning preschool program that will provide a playful and enthusiastic environment for all children to explore their imagination within the arts by going on a magical journey through the jungle, under the sea, and all the way to the Zoo. This animal inspired adventure will provide a unique and engaging practice through creative movement, elements of dance, tumbling, yoga, ballet, tap, modern dance, story time and arts and crafts. Students will explore their creativity; wiggle, laugh and most importantly explore their imagination through the art of dance to reach their fullest potential.
Please provide your child with a healthy snack for each class. *
Pre-Ballet: Introduction to the basics of ballet (ages 5 & 6). Children learn foot and arm positions and concentrate on proper alignment. Ballet A: The dedicated study of ballet now begins. Children are taught the fundamentals of ballet as well as emphasis on correct body placement and the proper development of muscles. Ballet B-D: Students continue training, concentrating on strengthening their alignment and balance while incorporating steps into combinations, also covering space with big jumps and turns. Pointe: Work begins only after a strong comprehensive basic technique has been developed. As a rule, pointe is not taught at the school before two or three years of preparation in academic ballet classes. Prerequisite two ballet classes weekly. Jazz: Isolations of head, shoulder, ribs and hips. Strengthening and working on flexibility of the spine, as well as working on turns and jumps. Classes work on Jazz progressions which build into choreography. Tap: Involves strengthening of ankles and feet through repetition of working on time steps and rhythms. Class includes perfecting of timing and technique. Beginner Hip Hop: This class focuses on teaching fundamental hip hop movements including basic body isolations and control, ground work and basic foot work patterns. Aaron focuses on helping each person find their own flow and helps them become comfortable with freestyling as well as nailing choreography. Students encouraged to wear "stylistic" clothing to optimizes their individual growth. HIP HOP: This Class focuses on the use of dynamics found in the music. Students will be taught everything from footwork patterns, spins, freezes, drops to the floor, lockin', threading, tracing, body awareness and personal performance. Students will gain the skills needed to become a stronger more versatile dancer.

If you ever thought of being a dancer on tour with your favorite recording artist, you need to have a strong foundation in all types of dance. This class will give you that foundation and allow your personal style to emerge and develop. Students encouraged to wear "stylistic" clothing to optimizes their individual growth.
Musical Theater DanceModern/Contemporary: This class offerscontemporary and modern dance technique, improvisation, the study of choreographic principals, and the exploration of various modern dance artists/genres. Musical Theater DanceMusical Theater Dance:This class introduces students to basic vocabulary of the Broadway dance number. Students will learn the qualitative elements that help an actor or beginning dancer move with ease and presence on stage. Basic warm-up and stretching exercises develop coordination, while "across the floor" and "center movement combinations" provide technique, stamina and improves body awareness.

Are you interested in a class that will prepare you for a working career on stage? If you have a love for hard work, like to try new combinations and be challenged weekly, then this theater dance class is for you. All I ask is you bring an open-mind and a good sense of fun. I can't promise it will be easy, but I can promise you'll learn.

Feel free to warm up in whatever you like but all warm-up clothes should be removed afterwards. Black theater hats are provided but you are encouraged to purchase your own: i.e. fedoras, bowlers, and pork-pies.

Class combinations are always varied, FOSSEE, Contemporary and Traditional.
Adult/ Teen Jazz Dance and Stretch! - Is a Jazz, Fitness and Stretch class that provides an energizing and fun head to toe workout for any level individual. This class will be held on Monday Nights from 7:45-8:45pm.
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